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When you choose a celebrant-led ceremony, you have the option to tear up the rulebook as much as you choose, creating a truly personalised ceremony.


And that's precisely why I adore what I do.


With me, you’ll get buckets of authenticity, creativity, and a passion for crafting or re-living unforgettable memories.


Your ceremony will be a true reflection of you, your loved ones and the incredible people who've been part of your journey.

I'd be truly honoured to be a part of your story. 

Love, in all its forms, is quite an adventure, and I'm here to help you tell you or your loved one’s extraordinary story.  


Whether it's a tale of love at first sight or a journey of a thousand miles, I'm here to discover those precious stories, moments, and people that make your heart sing. I will meet you, and get to know you and your loved ones to create and perform a beautifully unforgettable ceremony

Hi, I'm Mel

I'm a contemporary, independent family celebrant specialising in weddings, commitment ceremonies, naming ceremonies, funerals and end of life celebrations based in Cheshire.

Originally from Minnesota in the USA, I’m a mum of two girls, a cold-water enthusiast, kitchen dancer and firm believer that every moment is worth celebrating to the fullest

Melissa Dreyling, independent celebrant


Vow Renewals

Vow renewal with independent celebrant

From £650


Love has an incredible way of evolving and growing regardless of age. Whether you've been together for five, ten, or fifty years, a vow renewal is your chance to rewrite your love story in the most epic way possible. And it’s a great excuse to bring your nearest and dearest together for a party.  


Picture renewing your vows in a beautiful barn, under the stars, or in your own backyard surrounded by your loved ones. It's all about reliving your love story showcasing the beautiful chapters you've written together. I’m here to help you celebrate your love in a way that's authentically 'you'. 

Let's toast to your incredible journey. 

Funerals and Celebrations of Life

Celebrant conducting a funeral

From £230


Rather than opting for a traditional funeral, are you seeking a unique tribute to celebrate your loved one?


 I'm here to craft a one-of-a-kind tribute that mirrors the vivid colours of their life story and fond memories.

It's a time to gather, reflect, and honour the legacy they've left behind. 

Let's come together and celebrate their incredible journey.

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremony with celebrant in Cheshire

From £650


Are you seeking something less formal and less traditional? Then a commitment ceremony might be for you.  


My ceremonies revolve around you, your love, and your preferences—no judgment, no rules, just pure love and celebration. 

Let's toss tradition aside and create a commitment ceremony that's uniquely wonderful, and unmistakably you.

Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremony

From £300


A child naming ceremony offers a beautiful way to celebrate your precious bundle of joy.


This celebration knows no bounds in terms of timing or location, making it suitable for children of all ages.

For the littlest ones, it's a heartwarming embrace of new life. And for those a bit older, it's an opportunity to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality. We could introduce meaningful cultural traditions, or we can craft personalised rituals for that extra special touch.

Are you ready to create lasting memories and celebrate your child's journey? 

About Me

Hello I’m Mel,

Originally hailing from the USA, my journey began as a social worker and after gaining my therapy license, I embarked on a love-filled adventure that led me to the UK, where I’ve lived for 20 years. 

With juggling family life with two little ones, I decided it was time for new adventures and set up my own teepee sleepover company. This venture introduced me to countless wonderful souls and ignited my passion for crafting unforgettable memories.

So, why did I choose to become a celebrant?

It was during my own wedding ceremony a few years ago, led by a celebrant, which gave me the inspiration.  


My partner and I waited 13 years and two kids later to get married. We never pictured a traditional wedding and didn’t think that marriage was for us, until we realised that we didn’t have to fit the “mould”.


We worked with our wonderful celebrant to craft a wedding ceremony that was perfect for us.  This was my inspiration to gain my qualification from the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

Funerals and celebrations of life hold a special place in my heart.

There's nothing more empowering than connecting with a family and helping them honour a loved one. I relish meeting people and forging connections and I would be absolutely delighted to meet you and become a part of your story

Wedding being celebrated by Melissa Dreyling, celebrant

What people say about Mel

Mel has a really special way with people. She brought our vision to life perfectly. She is so engaging, warm and funny. I could have listened to her all day!

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Let’s celebrate love - past, present, future

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